About Engage Canada

Engage Canada is a broad based, grassroots organization formed in response to a growing movement in Canada looking for change in Ottawa.

For too long, wealthy conservative Super PACs like Working Canadians and Conservative Voice have spent millions protecting wealthy conservative interests and monopolizing political discussion in Canada.

The middle class in Canada is struggling and the Harper Conservatives have only made things worse.

Engage Canada has received funding from progressive groups, organizations and individuals from across Canada who want to fight to ensure that middle class families get their voices heard.

Who funds you?

Engage Canada is a broad based grassroots campaign with a mix of funding sources, including donors like you.

How do I reach you?

You can reach us by emailing info@engagecanada.org or by visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages.

How do I remove myself from appearing on a leaderboard or on the site?

It’s easy to remove yourself from appearing on leaderboards and on the site. Simply go to your account settings (link located in the footer) and uncheck the appropriate box.

Is this a strategic voting campaign?

This is not a strategic voting campaign. We are trying to dissuade previous conservative voters from voting again for a government that is not there for them. We are in no way endorsing any other party.

Do you support strategic voting?

A core principal of Engage Canada is to not engage in strategic voting discussions. Engage Canada is a non-partisan independent project singularly focused on making the Conservatives unelectable.